4 Signs You Need to Install a New Residential Electrical Panel


Unless you just bought a new home or it is just a few years old, the odds are high that your electrical panels are outdated. The electrical panel, commonly known as the breaker box, has circuit breakers that trip when there is a power upsurge. An outdated electrical panel may have accumulated dust and corrosion, putting your home at an incredibly high risk of fire. However, you do not have to live in fear of potential house fire. Before disaster strikes, these signs indicate you should upgrade your electrical panel.

1. You Have an Old House

Your life is constantly changing, and so is your electricity demand. If you have an old house, the chances are that its electrical panels may not have been engineered to support the many electrical appliances you need today. For example, the combined power required for your air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, etc. may be straining your outdated electric panel. So, if your home is old, be sure to hire a qualified electrician to upgrade your electrical panels to ensure your appliances are safe from damage.

2. Constant Tripping

While your circuit breakers should trip when there is power overload, constant tripping could be a sign of defect. When this happens, parts of your home will lose power, or you have to keep on flipping your breaker back on. This can be time-consuming and annoying. But with the help of a competent electrician, you can upgrade your faulty electric panel to a newer and better one and solve this problem once and for all.   

3. You Have Upgraded Your Electrical Appliances

Have you upgraded your old electrical appliances to new ones with better features and performance? Well, this will improve the quality of your life. However, to ensure your appliances are safe from electric damages, there is one more thing you need to do: install a new electric panel. Contact an electrical contractor to install a new panel and ensure it meets your new electricity demand.

4. Flickering Lights

This is another clear indicator your electric panel is outdated and needs a replacement. In most cases, your lights may flicker when you plug in electrical appliances. This shows your electrical panel cannot sustain your power demands and needs an upgrade. Call a competent electrician to install a new and reliable electrical panel.

If you have noted any of the above signs with your electrical panel, do not wait to upgrade it until it is too late. When you call an electrician, they will assess your electrical needs and perform a panel installation to upgrade your old electrical panel with a new one that effectively sustains your electricity requirements.


8 March 2022

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