5 Reasons To Ask A Commercial Electrician For A Lighting Retrofit


A commercial lighting retrofit is important because it offers different advantages. In some cases, a business may receive government rebates for upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting. Retrofitting also can improve the quality of light in a workspace, making it easier for employees to see and work safely. Here are several reasons you should invite a commercial electrician to do a lighting retrofit in your commercial premises.

1. Dramatic Savings on Electricity

Businesses can reduce the amount of electricity they consume by increasing the efficiency of their lighting systems. This is especially true if there are numerous large light fixtures rated for high wattage bulbs. By replacing these fixtures with new fixtures that use lower wattage, businesses can experience significant savings on their energy bills.

2. Improve Workplace Safety

If a business has older fluorescent lights, it may not produce enough light to illuminate the entire room. It becomes difficult for workers to see all workspace areas, increasing the chance of accidents. 

When a business upgrades to brighter LED lights, they can increase the light output of their fixtures. This will help provide better visibility throughout the workspace, making it safer for employees to work. 

3. Higher Worker Productivity 

If a workplace has older lighting systems that produce harsh light, workers may be more likely to suffer from headaches and eye strain. This can make them less productive since they cannot work as efficiently as they should be able to. 

A commercial electrician can install bright lights while minimizing the glare they produce. This can make it easier for workers to see, working more efficiently and productively. 

4. Improved Lighting Aesthetics 

A commercial lighting retrofit can improve lighting aesthetics by providing more lighting variety. However, older lights may not produce a pleasant color temperature, making them harsher and less aesthetically pleasing. 

When businesses upgrade to newer LED lights, they can provide ample lighting for all areas of the workplace. These new lights will also produce a warmer color temperature, making them more aesthetically pleasing. 

5. Benefit From Rebates and Incentives 

A commercial lighting retrofit can help a business receive government rebates or incentives for upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting. Different state governments offer rebates and incentives for businesses that want to make their operations more energy efficient.

In some cases, the government will even pay a business back for a portion of its costs. This saves you money on the initial costs of a commercial lighting retrofit.

Are you looking to make your workplace brighter and safer? Talk to commercial electrician services about a functional lighting retrofit.  


10 March 2022

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