4 Signs Your Electrical Outlets Need Replacement


Your electrical outlets are a critical part of your home electrical system. Just like your home siding shelters you from weather elements, electrical outlets allow you to plug in your electrical appliances and conveniently use them. Whether you are revamping your home to sell or want to avoid worrying about electrical issues, now might be the perfect time to call an electrician to replace your electrical outlets. Not sure you need to replace your electrical outlets? Watch out for these four telltale signs you should replace your electrical outlets.

1. Unusual Noises From Your Electrical Outlets

If you have noticed strange sounds coming from electrical outlets, there could be one or several issues that need immediate attention. This may happen due to a loose electrical connection in the outlets or improper installation. In any of these situations, you need to call in an electrician. The electrician will identify the issue behind the noise and fix it. Sometimes the issue may be irreparable, and electrical outlet replacement may be the only option.

2. Burning Smell

If there is a burnt odor from your electrical outlets, you need no more persuasion to hire an electrician. A burning smell is a red flag that you already have a minor electrical fire. This may have come from faulty wiring in the outlet, a faulty electrical outlet, or circuit board overload. Whichever the cause, you need to unplug any appliance connected to the outlet and call an electrician right away.

3. Visible Damage on the Electrical Outlets

Can you spot cracks and chips on your electrical outlets? Do not shrug them off, thinking they are just cosmetic issues. Cracks and chips on your outlets could be electrocution injuries waiting to happen. In fact, you should never use chipped or cracked electrical outlets. Instead, call an electrician to replace them immediately.

4. Your Plugs Are Falling Out

If your plugs are loose and won't stay in the electrical outlets, this is more than an inconvenience because it is pretty risky. This could indicate you have damaged outlet contacts. And they could be making a wavering circuit with your plugs. Unfortunately, a wavering circuit could blow your fuses, trip your circuit breakers, or cause a fire tragedy. You need to call an electrician to inspect your electrical outlets and replace them if necessary.

If your electrical outlets are exhibiting any of the above signs, they are begging for attention, and you should not ignore them. Call a reliable electrician to assess and replace them before the defects turn into a disaster.


11 March 2022

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