Electrical Shocks That You're Likely To Experience In Your Home And Their Causes


The human body is a good conductor of electricity. This means that when you come into contact with a live electric current, you'll experience electric shocks. This is more commonly known as electrocution. The effects may range from mild shocks to severe ones that, in some cases, cause death. Below are some electric shock causes that you need an electrical contractor for.

Faulty appliances

When an appliance is overused, it wears out and may start to miss some of its parts. This makes it unable to perform its function effectively. Besides this, some damage to appliances is caused by the users. Regardless, it is dangerous to use any damaged appliances, especially when the equipment has developed electrical issues as it can cause fires and electrocution. For this reason, they have to be disconnected and set aside for professional electrical repair.

Electrical Appliances in Contact with Water

If an appliance comes in contact with water, it is likely to electrocute anybody also in contact with the appliance or water. Water is a strong electric conductor, and it is important to place any appliances away from commonly wet surfaces. Additionally, if water spills near an electrical appliance, ensure that your hands are dry before switching off the appliance, disconnecting it, and then wiping the water off. In cases where an electrical problem associated with water contact has occurred already, contact an electrician right away to address the issue.

Lightning Strike

This is a naturally occurring electrical discharge between clouds or between the clouds and the earth. When lightning occurs and strikes the body, there is direct contact of electric current with the heart, brain, and soft tissue. Additional injuries may occur when the electric energy is converted to heat, causing burns as it goes through body tissue. Therefore, when there is lightning, you should stay away from open spaces and preferably under a shelter that has lightning arrestors.

Exposed or Damaged Live Electrical Wires

Live wires have a high voltage of electrical current flowing through them. Therefore, if the damaged or exposed live wires touch your body at any point, the current is conducted. This causes electrocution, which is hazardous as it may lead to death due to the high voltage. Call an electrician to handle the exposed electrical wires issue.

Electrical shocks will commonly happen when you're exposed to high voltage electricity through equipment, appliance, and sometimes, nature, as in the case of lightning strikes. These may lead to burns or even death. It is therefore important to be very cautious when using electricity, and always call an electrician to fix your electrical problems.

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12 April 2022

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