Transform A Spare Room Into A Walk-In Closet With An Electrician's Help


A spare room is ideal for creating a unique space that accommodates your family's wants and needs. For instance, you might notice that your family loves fashion and expressing themselves through their clothing and hairstyle choices. This makes it worthwhile to hire an electrician to help transform the spare room into a walk-in closet that your family can use. 


While setting up clothes storage is essential to making a walk-in closet, you also want sufficient lighting to get dressed. An electrician can add multiple lighting solutions around the room to help with various tasks, such as finding clothes, putting them on, and adjusting them.

For instance, you might want proper lighting alongside clothing racks and inside closets. Overhead lights are also crucial for general lighting needs. You may find a chandelier preferable because of how much light it can add while also giving the spare room a high-end appearance.

A smart move is to figure out where you want to set up the furniture and keep the clothes because this information will allow an electrician to add lighting in optimal places.


Electrical outlets are useful in every room, including a walk-in closet room. You will find it helpful to set up an air purifier in the room to control dust, debris, pet hair, and allergens. The air purifier will filter the air, and some models can catch pet hair that would get on clothing.

Ironing or steaming clothes is something you may need to do to get ready. An electrician can install an outlet, and then you can plug in an iron to use on an ironing table. You can also add a vanity to the room, which will allow you to get ready from start to finish in the spare room.

Electrical outlets will come in handy because you can use tools, such as curling irons, straighteners, hair dryers, and clippers, while sitting at the vanity.


While your focus may revolve around finding clothes and getting dressed in the walk-in closet, you can add entertainment to improve the room's functionality. For instance, you might experience downtime while waiting for an iron or a straightener to heat up. An electrician can mount a television on the wall and add a surround sound system for entertainment purposes.

Professionals will also manage cables to conceal them and maintain an attractive and organized room.

Hire an electrician to transform a spare room into an ideal walk-in closet for your family. Contact a local electric company, such as Etheridge Electric Company Inc, to learn more. 


1 July 2022

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