Why Is Your Building Constantly Experiencing Outages?


If your building experiences power outages on a daily or regular basis, call an electrician fast. Buildings can experience temporary power outages when it storms or when something overloads a city's power lines. However, buildings that experience power outages on a daily basis may have something seriously wrong with them.

An electrician can check your building's electricity to see why you have so many outages during the week. Learn more about power outages and how an electrician can assist you below.

What Are Constant Power Outages? 

Power outages, or power failures, can be frightening and frustrating to business owners and their staff. Most power outages occur due to bad weather and power problems in the community. However, outages that only affect your building can be particularly unsettling. Outages can also be expensive if they disrupt your company's daily operations, damage your computers, or cut the electrical supply to your equipment.  

A number of things cause power failures inside a building. The electrical wiring inside a building may be too outdated or obsolete to maintain its electrical needs. The wall outlets and light switches in a building may also be damaged or overheated. The components in your building's electrical system may also be wired wrong or incorrectly. The damaged or outdated electrical parts may cause power fluctuations and surges throughout your building.

What Can an Electrician Do for You?

An electrician will need to run a diagnostic check on your building's electrical panelboard or load center before they do anything else. The switches inside the panelboard or load center allow you to send electricity throughout your building. The breaker switches in your panelboard or load center may be frayed or burnt out from overuse or age. If a contractor finds something wrong with the switches, they'll repair them. 

If your building uses a panelboard, an electrician may connect it to a meter. The meter keeps track of how well your panelboard distributes power inside your building. A contractor may need to connect the meter to one of your computer systems or an outside monitoring device to help you keep track of your panelboard. 

If your panelboard or load center didn't cause your building's power outages, a contractor will inspect the wall outlets, light fixtures, and other components in your building for problems. If necessary, an electrician can repair the components for you.

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14 July 2022

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