Electrical Upgrades You Need To Consider During Home Renovations


If you intend to remodel an older home you just acquired or your current house, you may need to consider upgrading the existing electrical system. This is particularly vital if the electrical system doesn't meet the recommended safety standards or your current household requirements.

An electrician can help you create a viable plan for the upgrade and ensure your home meets the standard property electrical requirements. While these regulations may not be mandated laws, they guarantee safety in every home. So, what upgrades can you consider? Keep reading to know more.

Rewiring or Rerouting

Are you planning to expand a particular room and make some significant changes? Maybe you intend to transform your traditional kitchen into an open style. If you don't have adequate space, you might decide to remove a wall to create more space. 

Whatever room you choose to get rid of, the contractor will ensure you get a kitchen that meets your objectives. However, the old electrical system may need to be replaced to accommodate these changes.

Calling an electrical contractor during the remodeling process will allow him or her to perform the rewiring and rerouting work. This will save time and minimize the remodeling costs.

Installing GFCIs

Bathrooms and kitchens are constantly exposed to water, and as such, they require Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). Usually, when outlets encounter any form of precipitation, they switch off power to make sure damages don't occur. Only the homeowner can reset this feature.

While GFCIs may be a common feature in most modern homes today, the same cannot be said for older homes. So, if your home lacks this feature and you are renovating, consider seeking electrician services. The electrician will remove the existing outlets and install GFCIs within a short time.

Upgrading Power

Generally, different rooms use different energy levels. As you remodel the house, it's crucial to determine if your power needs will change. For instance, maybe you have made significant changes in the bathroom, kitchen, or home office to suit your needs. 

In this case, power consumption will change. If your house has older electrical panels, then you might need to think about an upgrade. Such panels have limited capabilities or functionality since they use fuses and circuits.

If you intend to use modern appliances after renovation, you will need a modern electrical panel to support all your appliances and new lighting safely. The electrical wiring needs to be efficient, and you may require more outlets. Your electrician will help you determine how to upgrade the electrical system to suit your current needs. 


19 September 2022

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