Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Home's Wiring


Your home's wiring is not something you think about until there is a problem. However, how do you know if the wiring in your home is adequate or if it is time for an upgrade? Before you hire an electrician or spend any money, here are a few telltale signs that you should invest in having the electrical wiring in your home upgraded.

Your Wiring Is Outdated

Older homes often feature aluminum wiring, and while this was an adequate product several decades ago, aluminum is not ideal for most modern homes. Aluminum wiring is more prone to electrical fires, especially if the wiring becomes overloaded. If you have an older home that has not had its wiring updated, contact an electrician right away.

The electrician can replace the existing aluminum wiring with copper or another product that can handle all of your appliances, fixtures, and electronics.

There Are Not Enough Outlets in Your Home

Another problem modern homeowners have with their older, outdated homes is that there are simply insufficient outlets. In the past, a minimal number of outlets were typically installed because there was simply no need for more. If you are constantly switching out your electronics or have to rely on power strips to accommodate all your appliances and electronics, contact an electrician to have additional outlets installed throughout your home.

Your Breakers and Fuses Are Constantly Tripping

From a smart television to a dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, electric stove, and several cellphone chargers, your home's power grid needs to handle powering several appliances, gadgets, and electronics. When the circuits become overloaded, the breakers or fuses will trip to prevent the wiring from overheating.

Upgrading the wiring throughout the home will help prevent the breakers and fuses from constantly tripping.

The Lights Throughout the House Are Flickering

If your home's light begins to flicker, the first reaction should be to inspect and change the bulb. However, if you have changed all the bulbs and the lights throughout your home are still flickering, it is time to contact an electrician. Loose wiring or damaged wiring, such as wires chewed up by a mouse or another pest, will cause the lights to flicker.

An electrician can swap out the damaged wiring or fix the loose wiring and determine if there are any other issues with the rest of the wiring throughout the house.

From lights that constantly flicker to breakers that are always tripping, there are several signs you need to upgrade your home's wiring. 

Contact a local electrician for more info. 


4 October 2022

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