5 Reasons For Underground Electric Installation


When planning your next project, one thing to consider is placing your electrical components. While running your lines above ground may seem easier, it is smarter to consider underground electric installation. With the right underground electrical contractors, underground placement will be easier with numerous advantages. Here are a few. 

1. Increased Reliability During Inclement Weather

Depending on where you live, you may experience lights flickering, or your television or internet services going out when there is inclement weather. These electrical glitches are due to the impact of the weather on the above-ground lines. 

When you install underground lines, the lines are no longer subject to the impact of weather. Burying the lines increases the reliability and stability of any associated services. 

2. Longer Lasting Electrical Systems

Weather extremes can wreak havoc on your electrical lines. The extreme temperatures brought by the sun can be just as damaging as ice, snow, or freezing rain. While companies build electrical systems to endure these extremes, weather can still shorten the life of anything it contacts. 

Underground electric installation removes your electrical components from the weather. By burying the components underground you protect them from weather extremes and extend their life.

3. Increased Property Aesthetics

Running all of your electrical lines and components underground allows you to preserve and or increase the aesthetics of your property. No unsightly lines run from the pole to the house, garage, or other wired buildings. You can create clean, uncluttered sight lines, and landscaping without worrying about disguising or covering up the electrical components.

4. Increased Property Values

You want to obtain the highest property value available when selling your home. Did you know that homes with landscaping and increased curb appeal increased their perceived value by 5 to 11%? While many small projects you can do increase your curb appeal, having an uncluttered lot goes a long way.

Unsightly electrical lines can make your lot seem more cluttered than it is. When you have underground electrical components, your lot is much less cluttered. Better curb appeal increases your property's value. 

5. Increased Safety Of Your Property

Above ground, electrical components can be a safety risk on and around your property. Exposed electrical lines can short circuit, arc, or flash. These lines can present a fire risk to anything around them. Fallen lines also present the risk of electrocution or become a fall risk. 

Underground electrical installation prevents all of these hazards from taking place. You can contact a local underground electrical contractor such as Twisted Electric LLC to install your components.


13 October 2022

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