An Overview Of Getting A Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade


Electrical panels on older homes are often outdated or in bad shape due to age. If your home has an old electrical panel, it could be much different from panels put in new construction homes today.

New panels have more circuits and more power so they can keep up with your family's demands for electricity. If your home has an old panel, you can have it upgraded so you can have all the circuits you need. Here are a few things involved with residential electrical panel upgrades.

Decide On The Upgrades You Need

An electrician can inspect your electrical system and determine the types of upgrades you need. You might need a new panel so you can have more circuits for dedicated outlets and more regular outlets so you can stop using extension cords. You might also need to upgrade to a larger panel if your home needs more power.

In addition, your home may need new wiring to handle the extra power. Once you know the services you need, the electrician can give you a quote for the work and create a plan for getting the project done with the least disruption to your routine.

Turn The Power Off To Your House

The electrician works with the power company to shut off and restore your power while they make the upgrade. The power company comes out and shuts the power down so there is no risk of electrocution once the electrician starts to work.

However, that means your home will be without power for hours, so you need to prepare ahead of time about what you'll do with food in your freezer and refrigerator. Plus, you may need to make arrangements for your pets if the weather is hot and humid since there won't be any air conditioning for hours.

Let The Electrician Work

Residential electrical panel upgrades are complex projects that require a licensed electrician to perform. The procedure for the upgrade varies according to the work that needs to be done. At the least, a new panel is put in so you can have more circuits. If you're upgrading to 200 amps or so, other parts may need to be replaced too.

It takes hours to complete a residential electrical panel upgrade since there's a lot of wiring involved and each individual circuit has to be installed in the panel once the panel is in place. Once the new panel is on, it's tested to make sure it's functioning properly.

The electrician may then need to add the circuits to your home that will use the new breakers on the panel. That would entail adding dedicated wiring and outlets. An electrical panel upgrade is a major project, but it's worth the disruption since your home will be safer with a new panel that can supply all your electricity needs. 

For more information about electrical panel upgrades, contact a local company. 


27 February 2023

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