3 Common Causes Of Electrical Fires That A Residential Electrician Can Help Prevent


Electric systems malfunction is one of the top three causes of house fires in America. This is an alarming statistic, given that most homes rely on electric appliances to run daily operations efficiently. So what can a homeowner do to avoid being part of these statistics? Read below to learn the causes of electrical house fires and how working with a residential electrician can help mitigate the risk. 

1. Exposed or Old Wiring

Various wiring issues can cause electrical fires, including exposed wires. Most homeowners do not care much about exposed wires, but they fail to understand that when electrons pass through these wires, they can cause a spark. If the spark gets in contact with dust particles or flammable substances, it can catch fire within a short time.

Another wiring issue you can have in your home is using old wiring systems. A common mistake people make is to increase the appliances they use in their homes without taking the time to think about the type of wiring systems they have. Unfortunately, if your wires are old, the new appliances might overpower them, which could cause house fires.

2. New Appliance Installation

Appliances are essential since most of them are efficient and help save time. In addition, modern appliances are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and conserve energy. However, a mistake people make when buying these products is assuming they can set it up. This can be dangerous since there are some electric appliances that you should not directly plug into the socket without a voltage regulator. Therefore, if you do not know the required specifics of the device you are setting up, it is best to contact a residential electrician. Otherwise, you might cause a house fire.

3. Extension Cords

Extension cords are common in homes. These cords supply power to appliances that are far from the electric outlet. Before buying an extension cord, note that they come in various lengths, thicknesses, and capacities. So, ensure the one you buy can handle the total wattage of your appliance. In addition, ensure it is not broken or damaged. Otherwise, overpowering or using a damaged extension cord increases the risk of a house fire. Again, you can consult an electrician for guidance to avoid making mistakes.

You can prevent house fires by working closely with licensed electricians. When these experts come into your home, they will inspect the condition of the wires to confirm that they are not exposed or old. These experts also know how to install appliances properly, and they will guide you when buying an extension cord. All these services will keep your house free from house fires.

Contact a local residential electrician to learn more. 


24 January 2023

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