3 Benefits Of A Concrete Slab For Generator Installations


A standby generator installation on your home provides a seamless connection to your home's power supply. When a power outage occurs, the power will shift to the generator so you do not experience extended power outages and can still enjoy full electricity in your home. When you decide to move forward with an installation, you must select a location for the generator.

The generator needs to sit on a solid and stable surface. You can consider the addition of a concrete slab for your generator. The concrete slab comes with many benefits and will provide a stable environment for your generator for years to come. Check out some of the benefits of generator installations.

1. Prevents Weed & Plant Growth

A standby generator typically sits just outside your home. You will need to keep the area properly maintained and away from plant overgrowths like grass and weeds. The maintenance becomes a lot easier when you use a raised concrete slab for the base. The slab will offer protection from the ground underneath.

If you were to choose an alternative base like gravel, weeds, and plants could grow up through the stones. You do not want the plants to block the vents or any areas around the generator. The maintenance becomes a lot easier and offers more protection so you do not run into generator issues in the future.

2. Easy Water & Mud Protection

A generator has a protective casing on the outside, but you still want to limit the amount of water access the generator has. When placed on a concrete slab, the generator has extra protection from water and mud that may occur due to rainfall in your area.

When you have the concrete slab installation, you may want to have the slab put in at a slight angle so the water runs off and does not pool up. With less moisture around the generator, you do not need to worry about water damage and extra needs for maintenance.

3. Easy Maintenance Access

Every now and then, you will want professionals to complete inspections and upgrades to your generator. When installed on a concrete slab, technicians will have easy access to the generator. You do not need to worry about them digging up the ground or getting gravel everywhere. Easy access can make the repair process move quickly.

Some generator companies will offer concrete slab installations along with the generator. In other cases, you may need to hire a professional to complete the concrete slab installation and then schedule the generator installation afterward.


28 February 2023

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