2 Signs Your Home Has A Faulty Circuit Breaker That Needs Immediate Repairs


As part of their function, the circuit breakers for your home's electrical system regulate the flow of electricity. Whenever there is a power surge, they help to stop it from overloading the electrical system by tripping and cutting off electricity to the wiring.

Unfortunately, the breakers can wear out over time and start to lose their ability to function properly. Below are a couple of the signs to look for when trying to determine whether your home has a faulty circuit breaker that needs to be repaired by an electrician immediately.

1. You Hear a Constant Buzzing Sound Coming from the Breaker Box

One sign that your home's electrical system has a faulty circuit breaker is when you start to hear a constant buzzing noise. This sound will either emanate directly from the breaker box itself or from the walls directly adjacent to the box.

If you are hearing this noise, it is the sound of electricity flowing through the circuit breaker and into the wires. However, since you should not hear this sound easily, the fact that it is being heard indicates that there is too much electricity being allowed into the wiring system by the circuit breaker. You need to have the noise checked out by an electrician as soon as you notice it.

2. You Notice the Circuit Breaker Box Is Hot When You Place Your Palm Over the Door

Another sign that indicates a serious issue with one of the circuit breakers for your home's electrical system is when the breaker box feels hot when you place your palm over the door. When checking for the rise in temperature, do not test the circuit breakers directly, and only use your palm to keep from electrocuting or burning yourself.

If one of the circuit breakers is going bad, the amount of electricity flowing through it will make it heat up, which you should feel when you put your palm on the door. If you do feel this heat, contact a professional to have it fixed right away.

When you hear a constant buzzing sound coming from the breaker box or even from the walls surrounding it and the breaker itself is hot to the touch, a circuit breaker may be faulty. Because it is no longer protecting your home from power surges, you need to have it looked at right away to prevent extensive damage to the wiring or a possible electrical fire.

For more information on residential electrical repairs, contact a professional near you.


9 March 2023

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